Sallie Mae Student Loans

Sallie Mae

Multiple Repayment Options
Sallie Mae offers multiple repayment options to fit your lifestyle.
Sallie Mae

No Origination Fee
With Sallie Mae, you will not pay any origination fees for your loan.
Sallie Mae

Get the Loan You Need
With Sallie Mae, cover up to 100% of the school certified costs.

Getting to know Sallie Mae Student Loans

Sallie Mae is one of the longest-standing student loan companies in the country and counties to deliver an exceptional loan product to its users. They offer loans ranging from the standard undergraduate and graduate loans, but also some outstanding loans around career training for fields such as aviation, engineering, culinary, and more. These loans are designed to cover up to 100% of your school-certified costs, making them a top contender for your next student loans. With flexible repayment terms, consigner-eligible loans, and 4 months free of Chegg Study, there is no denying that Sallie Mae is a great option for your next student loan.

Sallie Mae
Sallie Mae

When looking for a student loan, one of the top criteria we find is that many students may require the need for a consigner. Did you know that 87% of new undergraduate borrowers use a cosigner to secure a loan from Sallie Mae? In fact, adding a cosigner can help to strengthen your loan application and may be just the thing to help get your loan approved. On average, students who used a cosigner to secure a Sallie Mae loan were 3x more likely to have their loan approved vs. those who applied without one. This is a great option to work with if you have little to no credit history or would like to use the help of a cosigner to get a better loan rate. Even if you don’t have a consigner, you should still consider applying. They work with all different types of borrowers and are looking out for your best interest when it comes to your next loan.

One of the many benefits of Sallie Mae is the ability to use its multi-year advantage option. With this option, you can get the money you need year after year. Students who return to Sallie Mae have over a 90% approval rate when they return with a cosigner. With this loan, you can focus on your studies, and if anything changes and you not to worry, your loan will not be charged interest until the money is sent to your school. On top of all the other great benefits of a Sallie Mae loan I have highlighted, you also get free FICO score monitoring included with your loan. You can expect this to be updated quarterly throughout the life of your loan. From some of the highlights, we have showcased you can see why we highly recommend working with Sallie Mae for your next student loan. Read more about Sallie Mae in our in-depth overview.

Sallie Mae

The Sallie Mae Student Loan Advantage

Sallie Mae Bank

Eligible Degrees
Undergraduate & Career Training

Loan Terms
10 to 15 years


Variable Loan: Rates from 6.37% – 16.70% APR (with automatic payment)

Fixed Loan: Rates from 4.50% – 15.49% APR (with automatic payment)

You can find all terms and conditions for Sallie Mae here.

Sallie Mae

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