Juno Student Loans

Juno Student Loans

Exclusive Rate Discounts
With Juno, you get free to access exclusive rate discounts that save you more money than if you went to our lending partner directly. On average, expect rates to be ~1.6% lower.
Juno Student Loans

Price match guarantee
Juno is confident in their deals. So much so that if you find a better rate from another lender, you can let them know, and they’ll give you the cash to make up the difference.
Juno Student Loans

Free to Access
Joining Juno is free – you’ll never pay any membership dues or fees for accessing our exclusive deals. How? We make lenders pay a fee instead.

Getting to know Juno Student Loans

Juno was founded by two Harvard students. These students quickly learned the difficulties of trying to find great rates all in one place. Juno positions themselves unlike other lenders as they take their organization with over 50,000 members and bring them directly to the lender. These lenders can compete for the business by offering you, the consumer, the best rates possible. By using this method, they are able to work with the lender directly, and not try to sway your decision by offering a higher financial incentive based on the lender you go with. Juno refers to these rates as negotiated rates.

Juno Student Loans
Juno Student Loans

With Juno, you can rest easy knowing you are going to get the lowest rates. They believe in this so much that they guarantee that you won’t find a better private student loan interest rate than the offer they bring you. If you are able to find a better rate, they will beat it! On top of that, you can apply for your loan in less than 1 minute and without a credit check. If you are curious as to how Juno compares to federal student loans, their lending partners do not charge any origination fees. They also expect most Juno Members will receive interest rates that are substantially better when compared to the Grad PLUS loans.

Juno has a proven track record and is the only organization that has successfully negotiated discounts for student loans on behalf of large, diverse groups of students. They have worked to help students and families borrow more than $200M at discounted rates.  By the number, Juno Student Loans has worked with over 50,000 families by using their collective voices to hold so much strength at the negotiating table. Thanks to this tactic, whenever Juno talks to lenders, they have a ton of leverage to get our community better deals.

Juno student loans are designed for graduate students with at least a 650 credit score seeking private student loans and they are touting some pretty impressive numbers. With over 50,000 members, 430+ million in negotiated loans, and over 1985 universities, you can clearly see why Juno is a clear leader in the student loan space. Check out Juno Student Loans today!

Juno Student Loans

The Juno Student Loan Advantage

LeverEdge Association (Juno)

Eligible Degrees
Graduate & Undergraduate

Loan Terms
5, 7, 10, 12, 15 years

Variable Loan:

Rates from 0.99% – 5.77% (with automatic payment)

Fixed Loan:

Rates from 2.99% – 6.14% (with automatic payment)

You can find all terms and conditions for Juno here.

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