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Lenders Compete – You Win!
Juno does the heavy lifting working to find you the best rates possible for your loans.

Metrics That Matter
Juno has a proven track record of successfully financed loans with over $100 million in financing.

Community, Transparency, Education
Juno works tirelessly to provide you with all of your loan options prior to your selecting a loan.

Getting to know Juno

Juno sets itself apart from other lenders by working as a community to negotiate lower rates for both student loan refinancing and graduate student loans. Interested students signed up with Juno, and the company shopped exclusive access to its financing group in exchange for a break in pricing. Working with many of the top lenders in the student loan space, they provide discounts and special offerings to their customers. You can see these exclusive offers by signing up on their website. While Juno is comparable to other sites you may have browsed for comparison offers on your student loans, you can’t prequalify with Juno. To find out if you are eligible for a loan, you must provide information on Juno’s website as well as a lender’s website.


One of the biggest benefits of working with Juno is that they do all the heavy lifting for you. They have partnerships with many of the top lenders that you may have already been researching. As with other student loan refinance bonuses, don’t opt for a more expensive loan overall in exchange for upfront savings. Compare lenders to get the best offer possible. The trade-off is a potentially better price, but you may get a lower rate from a lender not on Juno’s platform. Depending on the loan amount, you will be eligible for a cashback bonus of up to $1000. Juno only needs to do a soft credit check to show you the rates that you qualify for. If you’re ready to take the next step in your student loan journey and get some cash back, get started with Juno Today. 

While they are a great option for most users, there is the possibility that you may not get approved. In these rare cases, if the partner lender denies your student loan application, it will let you know why. Depending on the reason, you may want to consider other lenders or, if you haven’t already, try applying with a co-signer. This is just one of the many reasons you should consider using them as your one-stop shop for your student loans. If you’re ready to take the next step in your student loan journey to lower your interest rates, lower your monthly payments, or modify your loan term, then you should look no further than Juno. Get started today!


The Juno Advantage

LeverEdge Association (Juno)

Eligible Degrees
Graduate & Undergraduate

Loan Terms
5 to 20 years

Variable Loan
Rates from 1.89% – 6.77% APR (with automatic payment)

Fixed Loan
Rates from 2.25% – 6.23% APR (with automatic payment)

You can find all terms and conditions for Juno here.


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