LendKey Student Loans

When working with LendKey, you will found out in a matter of minutes if you qualify for their private student loan.

Approval Decision in Minutes
Working with LendKey, you no longer need to waste a few days waiting for a decision. Upon completing their sign up form, you should receive a notice on being approved within minutes of applying.
LendKey works with many different lenders across multiple platforms allowing for low interest rates on private student loans.

Work with Community Lenders
When you take out a loan with LendKey, you are really borrowing from local smaller banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions. This helps to keep your interest rates low and saves you money over the loan term.
Image used to indicate that users who use LendKey do not have to pay any type of on-boarding fees.

No Onboarding Fees
If you are concerned about taking on a bunch of unnecessary fees when trying to take out a private student loan, you don’t need to worry with LendKey. There are no application or origination fees for their student loans.

Getting to know LendKey Student Loans

You may have heard of LendKey in the past regarding refinancing student loans, but now they have come to the market with a private student loan product that does not disappoint. Welcome to LendKey student loans. One of the new trends, it seems with today’s lenders is to use credit unions and other local banks to help bring rates down and offer competitive rates to their borrowers. LendKey is using this model and really making a difference with it. Today they are offering private student loans starting from just 3.74% APR while using the AutoPay discount.

Lendkey Student Loans
Lendkey Student Loans

LendKey offers you a lot of great resources to help you gauge whether using a private student loan is the right decision for you. The basic guidelines have 3 main components to getting your loan funded. Step 1 consists of checking your eligibility. This step entails making sure that you qualify for the loan you are requesting to take out. This is a seamless process that is built right into their backend. Step 2 consists of choosing your loan. At this step, you will generally choose your loan rate, terms, amount, etc. Step 3 and the final step in completing the loan application is to upload the desired documents that LendKey requests. This will generally include things like a photo ID or passport photo and other legally binding documents to complete the loan process. Upon completing the last step, sit back, relax, and wait for your loan application to be processed and funded.

LendKey has some unique offers such as low rates for good grades, tax-deductible interest payments, rate reduction through automatic payment, and no obligation fees. They offer one of the quickest application processes, taking just minutes to complete, to determine if you have been approved. They also offer a cosigner release after a specified number of consecutive, full-on-time principal + interest payments. Finally, since LendKey is built around community lenders, you know you are going to get a super competitive rate. LendKey uses credit unions to help fund their loans and since this is the case, many of the rates are substantially lower than some brand name lenders or banks even. With this in mind, consider taking out a student loan with LendKey.

Lendkey Student Loans
The LendKey Student Loans Advantage

Lendkey Technologies, Inc.

Eligible Degrees
Graduate & Undergraduate

Loan Terms
10 years

Variable Rates
Rates from 5.84% – 11.11% APR (with automatic payment)

Fixed Rates
Rates from 4.39% – 11.11% APR (with automatic payment)

You can find all terms and conditions for LendKey Private here.

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