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Private student loans can be a great way to get that last portion of college covered when you have exhausted all your other options such as scholarships, grants, and federal student loans. Highlighted below are some of the top and most reputable private student loan lenders with options for both cosigner and non-cosigner applicants. Please note that each lender highlighted below may have a different set of terms, rates, and eligibility requirements. These requirements may vary unlike what you may have seen with a typical federal loan. Often times applicants who apply with a cosigner do have a better opportunity of getting approved for a loan. Find out more on our private student loan lenders below.

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Private Student Loan Lenders in 2021


Private Student Loan Lender Profiles

Meet Ascent Non-Cosigned. This is one of three very awesome products that Ascent student loans have to offer. Ascent sets itself apart from other lenders in many ways. Offer students discounts for items such as auto-pay, no application or origination fees, and flexible rates for both variable as well as fixed loans and they even look beyond your credit score when determining if you are a good candidate to take out a loan with. The Ascent Non-Cosigned loan is unique as it offers the option for students to take out a loan WITHOUT the need or want of a cosigner. This is a game-changer almost all other companies in the space will require a student loan to have a cosigner for some period of time before that person is able to be released from the loan altogether. With all of these great incentives, there is a clear reason why Ascent is one of our top recommended lenders. Click on the logo or visit the site below.

Ascent Non-cosigned

Ascent Graduate loans offer the ability for graduate students to use a powerful loan to help them get the last bit of funding they need before entering graduate school. They truly believe in their members and offer many great incentives that allow for loan flexibility. Don’t just take our word for it though, take a look at some of the great offers through their program including; Cash Back: 1% Graduation Reward, Automatic Payment Discount up to 0.25%, No origination/disbursement/application fees, No early repayment penalty fees, ONLY lender to require financial wellness, One of the few lenders to help DACA students, Over $60,000 in scholarships in 2022, and Ascent Rewards Cash Back Program just to highlight a few.

Ascent Graduate

Meet Ascent Cosigned. This is the second installment of private student loans that are offered by Ascent. Along with some of the options you have seen above, Ascent does offer the more traditional private student loan which DOES require a cosigner. When selecting Ascent Cosigned, you unlock some options that are different from the Ascent Non-Cosigned loan. The borrower must make consecutive full principal and interest payments on time or an equivalent prepayment amount and meet other criteria (see attachment for more information). Upon dropping the cosigner off after the 24-month period, you are then able to begin to or continue building your credit as you continue to pay down your student loan. Ascent Cosigned offers 5, 10, and 15-year private student loan terms with the minimum lending amount coming in at just $1,000.00. If you are looking for a private student loan and need some help from a cosigner, give Ascent Cosigned a look. Click on the logo or visit Ascent below.

Ascent Cosigned

Meet LendKey. LendKey takes a different approach to lending. They saw the lending process as something super exciting, but the entire idea of filling out paperwork was something that was long overdue for a refresh. Along with this refresh, they also wanted to disrupt how a conventional loan was created within the lender. For this LendKey decided to go out and form partnerships with our 13,000 banks and credit unions across the country. With this strategy, LendKey is able to offer its lenders and qualified participants competitive rates that you likely will not find with other lenders. The reason behind this is because of the competitive nature to try and drive the best rates to their lenders through the lending community that they have created. To find out more information on LendKey, click on the image or button below.


Earnest, one of the most award-winning fintech companies has recently released a private student loan product. They have built a private student loan from scratch and in doing this, they have incorporated features that students actually care about. With flexible repayment options like deferred payment, fixed $25 payment, interest-only, and principal & interest payments, they are a clear front runner for your next student loan. Whether you’re just taking your first step onto campus or you’re returning for a higher degree, Earnest private student loans can help make post-graduation life easier. With over 125,000 happy clients, Earnest should be at the top of your list for a private student loan.

Earnest Student Loans

If you are wonder if you can ever fall in love with a student loan, the answer if you can and SoFi should be one of your top picks. SoFi’s helping students pay for school with their no-fee private student loans. SoFi has flexible repayment options to help you find the loan that fits your budget. Whether you are just getting starting going to college for the first time or you are looking to further your education going towards a Master’s Degree or P.H.D., SoFi has you covered. SoFi has helped over 300,000 students take advantage of their private and refinanced student loans. And of all their members surveyed, 98% of them would recommend SoFi’s products to their friends. If you are looking for one of the top student loans out there, SoFi should be at the top of your list.

SoFi Student Loans

Juno was founded by two Harvard students. These students quickly learned the difficulties of trying to find great rates all in one place. Juno positions themselves unlike other lenders as they take their organization with over 50,000 members and bring them directly to the lender. These lenders can compete for the business by offering you, the consumer, the best rates possible. By using this method, they are able to work with the lender directly, and not try to sway your decision by offering a higher financial incentive based on the lender you go with. Juno refers to these rates as negotiated rates.


With Sparrow Student Loans, you can shop private student loans in one easy-to-use portal. With Sparrow, you can stop wasting time applying one lender at a time to compare loans – submit a single application and Sparrow will find you the best offers, automatically. With just a few simple clicks you can be on your way to getting the funding you need for your upcoming school year. There is a 3 step process that you will need to begin with in order for you to begin getting lending options;

  1. The first step consists of providing information about yourself to the Sparrow team.
  2. The second step consists of coming loan offers from their multiple lenders
  3. Conquer your student loans with a loan that fits your unique financial situation

Sparrow is there for you throughout the student loan process offering you guidance and feedback every step of the way.


Private Student Loan Analysis

What is a private student loan?

‣ Private student loans are loans that are made by private institutions or banks that work outside of what the government may offer as a subsidiary. These loans tend to be offered by big banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions. They come in many different sizes, some you probably have heard of, and others may be quite small.

How much can I take out with a private student loan?

‣ With private student loans, you have the opportunity to take out generally as little as $1000 on the low-end of the spectrum and on the high-end well north of $200,000. It really comes down to how much you need for school. In most cases, when you qualify the sky is really the limit. Be sure to check with your lender to see lender amounts, terms, and conditions.

What can I use my private student loan to pay for?

‣ Private student loans allow you to pay for many things within the education wheelhouse. Some of the common things that you can purchase with a private student loan include; Tuition, College Fees, Textbooks, Housing expenses, Transportation, Computers, Miscellaneous supplies, and much more. However, one thing to keep in mind is that you do have to repay ALL of your student loan debt. Be smart with what you choose to pay for with your private student loan and you should come out just fine.

Does everyone happen to get approved for a private student loan?

‣ Unfortunately, this is not the case. Not everyone will qualify for a private student loan. As with credit cards or mortgages, many financial factors are taken in order to see the likeliness of you paying off your debt. If you have applied for a private loan but got denied, don’t stress, you may want to look into using a co-signer and try applying again. This may help your chances quite a bit depending on the co-signers credit history and other financial factors.

Are there any advantages to taking out private student loans?

‣ In some cases, private loans are the only route some students will have in order to be able to go to college.  This is not super common but is one of the advantages for those students who would have no other options to attend school if it were not for private student loans.

How about disadvantages when it comes to private student loans?

‣ As with any positive, there is bound to be some negative counterparts. With private student loans, one of the biggest downsides is that they tend to be very expensive. This is generally due to the fact that most of the private student loans are at the variable rate for interest. Another huge factor when it comes to taking out private student loans is that unless you have a solid income and established credit history you will more than likely need a co-signer. This may not be a huge problem for some people, but this can be a big factor when looking at your options to pay for school.

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