Active Army College Loan Repayment Program

June 13, 20180

The Amry among many other branches of military offers a few great programs that work specifically with active Army members to help them repay their student loan debt. Through the Active Army College Loan Repayment Program, members who are currently Active Army may qualify for some if not all of their student loans to be repaid back so long as they meet specific parameters the Army chooses. This program may be just what you were looking for if you were considering joining the Army or if you are currently in the services and looking to go into school.


In order to be eligible for this program, you will need to mee the following:

  • Must decline enrollment in the Montgomery GI Bill in writing, using DD Form 2366
  • Have LRP guaranteed in writing in the enlistment contract (DA Form 3286-66)
  • Be a non-prior service accession
  • Enlist with a high school diploma
  • Have an Armed Forces Qualification Test score of 50, or higher on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB)
  • Enlist in one of the critical military occupational specialties (MOS). These MOS change quarterly. The local Army recruiter will have the current list
  • Possess a loan that was made, insured, or guaranteed under the Higher Education Act of 1965, Title IV, Part B, D, or E and prior to entering active duty

(Note: It is Army policy that no one is enlisted with a defaulted loan; therefore, defaulted loans will not be repaid.)

What Loans Qualify?

The following loans qualify for this program:

  • Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students (PLUS)*
  • Supplemental Loans for Students (SLS)
  • Stafford Student Loans
  • Perkins Student Loans
  • William D. Ford Student Loans
  • Consolidated Student Loans*

*(Note: Only loans incurred for the soldier’s education will be paid)

The following loans with NOT qualify for this program: 

There are many loans that do not qualify. Individuals should ensure loans are covered under the Higher Education Act of 1965, Title IV, Part B, D, and E prior to signing the enlistment agreement. Listed below are several loans that are not covered under this Act:

  • Private Loans
  • Equity Loans
  • State Funded Loans
  • Institution Loans
  • Consolidated Loans for someone else (wife, sister, brother)

How to apply?

In order to apply for this program, head over to the GoArmyED website.


If you still have questions or would like to know more information please reach out to us here or you can go back to the Student Loan Repayment Assistance Programs page.