June 30, 20180

Through the California Mental Health Loan Assumption Program, qualifying applicants may qualify for up to $10,000 in student loan repayment assistance. This is done in exchange for a 12-month service obligation in areas which the state finds either hard to fill or retain within the county PMHS. Read on to find out how this program may be able to assist in tackling your student loan debt.


June 30, 20180

The Attorney Student Loan Repayment Program also commonly referred to as the ASLRP program is an agency program that works with The Department of Justice and helps Attorneys who work for them to repay certain types of Federal Student Loans. This is done as a recruitment and/or retention incentive for only the highest qualified attorneys in exchange for a service obligation for a minimum of 3 years.


June 25, 20180

Through the Army Reserves Health Professionals Student Loan Repayment Program reservee’s have the ability to get some serious money in student loan repayment. This program covers four main programs including Healthcare Professionals Loan Repayment Program (HPLR). Through this program, qualified applicants may qualify for up to $50,000 in student loan assistance. Read more to see how much you may qualify for in student loan repayment assistance as an Army Reserves Health Professional.


June 25, 20180

Being a member of the armed forces is a great thing regardless of what branch you are with. Today we are going to focus on the Army Reserves College Loan Repayment Program which focuses as you would guess on members of the Army Reserves. Through this program, applicants will qualify for student loan assistance through the Army Reserves repayment program and according to the program when used correctly will greatly reduce the cost of education.


June 13, 20180

The Amry among many other branches of military offers a few great programs that work specifically with active Army members to help them repay their student loan debt. Through the Active Army College Loan Repayment Program, members who are currently Active Army may qualify for some if not all of their student loans to be repaid back so long as they meet specific parameters the Army chooses. This program may be just what you were looking for if you were considering joining the Army or if you are currently in the services and looking to go into school.


June 12, 20180

The state of Arkansas offers a few different student loan repayment programs for various career verticles. The specific program we will be covering today is the Arkansas State Veterinary Loan Repayment Program. This program is tailored to out-of-state veterinary medical education at the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine. The program was thought up in order to provide benefit to Arkansas residents and to also assist student loan repayment for qualifying institutions.


June 8, 20180

As you have seen through other states, Arkansas also offers a few different student loan repayment programs that you may be eligible for. This program is known as the Arkansas Rural Physician Recruitment Program. This program is designed specifically for residents in Arkansas who work in rural communities as primary care physician. The main goal of this program is to offer assistance to communities that have a shortage or are underserved. To learn more about this program and its offerings continue on to the full article.


June 3, 20180

All across the United States of America, there are many state-run programs in which there is student loan forgiveness. Arizona is one of a handful of states that has a great student loan repayment program. This program is known as the Arizona State Loan Repayment Program. Through this program, the state of Arizona offers a handful of repayment programs geared towards students who work in areas of shortage. This program specifically targets people who work in the healthcare industry. Through this program, you may qualify for thousands in student loan repayments.


June 3, 20180

The state of Arizona has several student loan repayment assistant programs that are geared towards helping teachers who teach specific fields. The Arizona Math, Science and Special Education Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program allows for students who teach math, science, or special education to qualify for up to $7,000 in forgiveness for up to three years. That’s a total of $21,000 in student loan forgiveness for qualified applicants. Find out more about the what is needed to qualify below starting with the eligibility section.