May 31, 20180

Through the Alfond Leaders Student Debt Reduction Program, qualifying participants have the ability to qualify for up to $60,000 in student loan repayment assistance. This program focuses on students who work in the STEM program. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) are the sectors you will need to be in in order to qualify for this program. This program is only available to residents of Maine but has some great perks for those residents. To find out more about how to qualify for this program, check out the eligibility section below.


May 28, 20180

Throughout or page of student loan repayment assistance programs, you will find that many of these programs are offered specifically on a state level and to certain states. We are kicking this one off with Alaska. This page is going to focus on the Alaska Supporting Health Care Access Through Loan Repayment, also know as SHARP for short. The main purpose of the SHARP-I program it to not only help recruit but also to retain selected primary health care professionals. These professionals cover a host of different health-related paths but specifically, have a focus on areas of shortage within the medical space.


May 24, 20180

Through the Army Reserves College Loan Repayment Program, you have the opportunity to have up to $65,000 awarded towards your student loan repayments. This is a highly touted program and may allow you to qualify in up to $65,000 towards your student loan debt. These payments span over a three year period and will start being paid after you complete your first year as a JAG Officer. Within this program, every year there is an opportunity for several JAGs to be offered the opportunity to go back to law school as full-time graduate students. The cool thing about this program is that while they are in school, they receive full pay as if they were back on base and the Air Force pays any and all tuition costs.


May 23, 20180

As an active health professional in the military, you may qualify for Student Loan Repayment through the Active Duty Health Professionals Program. You have done and are doing a great service to your country, and this is a way in which you may be able to qualify for a program designed to help pay off your student loans. Here at The Student Loan Calculator, we want to thank you for your service and provide you with all the information you need in order to apply for this program. See more information below.


May 20, 20180

You may be curious to see what types of student loan repayment assistant programs are out there. There are many sources online claiming to offer these services but how do you know you can trust them? Many of the online programs you see claim to offer overall forgiveness or repayment assistance, but do they really help?

Lucky for you, we have had our team at The Student Loan Calculator search out for the most comprehensive list of student loan repayment assistance programs that you can use to assist with your student loan repayment. Below you will see listed out to you alphabetically. Currently, we have showcased on this page over 120 programs that offer some form of student loan repayment assistance. Overall, these financial programs provide financial aid in the form of assistance that may qualify for free money and may help you to pay off your student loans.